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The Curaçao Art Bottle 2022

Garrick Marchena

We are proud to present the Art D-Bottle designed by Curaçao artist Garrick Marchena. The artist has a special message with his design for his beloved Curaçao. The child on the bottle represents everybody that loves the island, Curaçao, whether you're born here or not. The bird represents the beautiful nature of Curaçao. On the bottle you find a QR-code which you can scan and listen to a poem. 

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-11-15 om 22.37.52.png

Who is Garrick Marchena?

Garrick Marchena is a visual artist and art director. He is one of the most proficient mural artists in Curaçao. His favorite subjects are animals and children, especially eyes and faces. Marchena wants to stir emotions and raise awareness with his work. Many of his murals have birds as subjects, with which he wants to convey a message of innocence and freedom.

Scan & Listen to the poem of Hemayel Martina

By scanning the Qr-Code on the body of the bottle you can listen to the poem of Hemayel Michael Anthony Martina, he was a Curaçaoan poet. While studying at the International School of Curaçao, the 17-year-old Martina started writing poems addressed to young people. Later, these were collected in a book, with each poem appearing side by side in both Papiamento and English.


The poem - Ken e ta

Ken e ta

Mi profundo soño a kibra ora bos i welek a kuminsá

Maske kuantu m'a purba, mi n'bini kla kiko e soño tabata

Disgustá m'a bòltu buska sosiegu i [den esei] mi mes riba un paniweri m'a mira, karga pa kuater ansiano: un afrikano, un venezolano, un hulandes, i un surinameño

'Su identidat?' e hulandes ta puntra [i] manera un spoki Mai a sali kontesta: 'Ku orguyo mi por bisa ku mi ñetu ta afrikano-hulandeskaribeño-latinoamerikanokurasoleño'


Who is he?

My deep sleep was interrupted when the lightning started (struck)

No matter how I tried, I couldn't figure out what the dream was.

disgusted I turned to find rest and [there in] myself I saw on a bed of flowers, carried by four elderly: an African, a Venezuelan, a Dutch, and a Surinamese 'His identity?' the Dutch asked [and] like a ghost Grandma came out answering: 'I can proudly say that my grandson is Afrikaans-Dutch-Caribbean-Latin-American-Curacaoan.

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