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D-Buddy Hot Pink

D-Buddy Hot Pink

€ 34,95Prijs

Introducing the D-Buddy, your ultimate companion for staying refreshed and hydrated on the go. With a generous capacity of 1.18 liters, this stainless steel marvel ensures you have ample liquid to fuel your adventures.


Crafted with precision, the D-Buddy features cutting-edge vacuum insulation that maintains your beverages at the optimal temperature for extended periods. Whether you're craving a chilled sip during a scorching summer or a soothing warm drink on a frosty day, the D-Buddy has you covered. Plus, its innovative design prevents unsightly condensation, keeping your hands dry and your bag mess-free.


Embracing a commitment to your well-being and the environment, the D-Buddy is entirely BPA-free, ensuring that every sip is pure and untainted. You can rely on the D-Buddy to be by your side through every adventure, a steadfast companion that's as rugged as it is reliable.

Elevate your hydration experience with the D-Buddy – a symbol of endurance, innovation, and unwavering support. 

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